Assurance Birthed in Uncertainty

July 08, 2020
Category: Spirit
Author: Jeni

These are uncertain times we are living in, and it can seem hard to keep your faith alive. With continual reports of a novel virus spreading, sickness and death looming, racial tension at an all-time high and an almost flatlining economy. It can seem hard to shut the negative chatter and noise out. The current times we are living in can leave us in a state of panic, despair, and feeling hopeless. Only if we allow it to! We have a choice on what we mediate and focus on, what we allow to take root which effects our thoughts and actions. It is our choice! What will you choose?!

Are you choosing Faith or Fear? We can look at this time of uncertainty and sit in the fear, or we can choose to change our perspective to one filled with faith. What a time to push forward in the things that you may have laid down in an old season. You may have heartfelt desires, dreams and ambitions that took a back seat in prior times. What if this is the perfect time to birth that dream, accomplish that goal, and take on that project that was sitting dormant in the rat race of our “pre-virus life”. Your dreams do not have to be lofty, it can take on the form of just resting and being, working on yourself. Just, what if this is the time to unlock it, go after it, create, and birth something life giving, something contrary to all the doom and gloom that surrounds us. What if there was a place of dwelling that would give us the assurance and ability to experience the abundance and opportunity of this season. To know that it is all working together for our good! Take your rightful position… stand your post!

The position to receive this assurance is in the covering and shelter of God. Psalms 91:1- 2 says “He who dwells in the shelters of the most-high will abide in the shadows of the Almighty”. This is our rightful position to accept. It is about curating and establishing a lifestyle that exemplifies the consistency of being in the presence of God. It becomes a way of being and existing. When we abide in God, there is a magnificent covering that comes as the currency of our dwelling.  It activates an exchange between us and God, a shift that brings complete freedom. A freedom of peace, divine direction and assurance that no matter what is going on around us, it is going to be just fine. When we take our rightful position of dwelling in His presence, seeking Him daily, hourly and minute by minute, God will always do His part to shield and protect us. Shoot, even when we don’t, He still is doing His great and mighty work in our lives. He is the great I AM. That is His promise to us! He will provide a hedge of protection, to unleash an army of Angels to us who are concerned with our wellbeing. I don’t know about you but that gets me excited! This assurance allows us to walk boldly and confidently knowing that no matter what the world says, we have assurance that it is all working for our good and it is good.

Some points to journal and sit with:

  • What are you birthing out of uncertainty? What are the tangible and acitonalble things you are doing to achieve this? God wants to do great things with us as He moves us through trials and adversities.
  • What are you feeding your soul to help you grow spiritually? What actions are you taking or not taking to edify your spirit daily?
  • What lense are you filtering your life through? Is it limiting or does it birth limitless possibilities. Your lens or perspective will determine your choices, next steps, and ultimately the overall trajectory for your life.

Think big, pray even bigger and bolder prayers! Allow God to show up and show out in your life!




  1. Andrea

    Wow this post is so encouraging for me to keep doing what I’m set out to do! I enjoyed this

    • Jeni

      Stay encouraged and keep going and doing!

  2. Miessha

    Thanks for sharing this truth! What we see as chaos God sees as opportunity. Praying for those onthe frontlines caring for the sick and those providing us with essential services!

    • Jeni

      Yes, praying for our brave heros on the frontlines, and all those effected by this pandemic! God bless them!

  3. Rachel Rodriguez

    Yesss! So timely! Well said, thank you for sharing your wisdom and creating an uplifting platform!

    • Jeni

      Thank you, glad you found it timely.

  4. Dominica

    This is excellent Jeni, thank you for such an inspiring post! Especially during these times. I love the journal points & will be reflecting on these. This has lifted my Spirit!

    • Jeni

      Thank you Dominica, glad it lifted your spirits!

  5. Mae

    Thank you for sharing! This is powerful and encouraging!

    • Jeni

      It is my pleasure, warms my heart that you were encouraged!

  6. Linah

    Wow, what amazing and divinely wise words. Thank you for this!

    • Jeni

      Thank you Linah! xoxo

  7. Denae

    So Good!!!!!!
    I need to continually choose Faith thank you for reminding me of this. We are so quick to jump to the worst case scenarios especially in these strange times. Completely failing to remember who is in charge! Wow. Can’t wait for more!

    • Kumbi

      So good! Thank you for sharing. Wise words indeed. I choose faith.

    • Jeni

      Thank you Denae! So amazing that your perspective was shifted! xoxo

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