I am Jenī the Founder of EliDon Wellness, and Life & Impact Coach for RevenueTribe.
At RevenueTribe we guide people to identify the stumbling blocks that are holding them back from freely walking in purpose, abundance and pursuing what matters most to them. We identify the limiting beliefs, and cyclical patterns that have been producing bad fruit in life. We pull bad roots up and out, replacing them with life giving and forward moving patterns and strategies that produce good fruit. This proven method has given our clients the ability to shift into a purpose filled life for themselves, their teams, and the overall profitability for them and their businesses. Hence the company name, “RevenueTribe”.

My Unique Contribution

I help young girls and women who don’t see their value and have a difficult time tapping into their voice and core beliefs. I provide an encouraging, safe space and community, that identify and sharpen your natural gifts and talents to unlock passions and pursue what matters most to you. This is partnered with a structured proven method, guided encouragement, introspective learning and resources. This method curates a strategic plan and supporting goals to impact forward movement in all areas of life, ie. Money, Business and Career, Relationship, Emotional, Mental and Physical Health.
What matters most to me is helping my clients heal, live and thrive, in their mind, body and spirit, in all areas of their life so they can be the change they want to see in the world. What is true for you is also true for the world. It must first start with you! The world is waiting on you to get clear, so you can show up and receive all that was meant for you and your sphere of influence. People are waiting on you to show up in your authentic purpose; their blessing is within you.



There was a time in my life where I found myself in a cycle of striving and on the hamster wheel… that is Corporate America. I cringe just thinking about it. You know the cycle of one unfulfilling position after another, the salary and benefits are amazing and the title looks good on me, which is such an unfulfilling trap. I had the life in the big city, the social life, the traveling and international trips, were just some of the perks of this cyclical unfulfilling life I was calling my reality. I found myself looking better on paper and more and more empty on the inside. I was involved at church, serving, ministry internships, you name it I was signed up. It was all good and edifying, but I was only falling on a dying foundation. There was no passion behind it, nothing to fuel my fire.

Then came RevenueTribe and I began my work of pealing back the layers, the years of living in limiting beliefs and thought patterns that I truly thought I could not pursue what mattered most to me. I decided I had to clearly identify my belief systems that had been blocking my growth from forward movement. I learned how to replace my old belief system with a lifegiving mindset and strategy uniquely tailored for me. I found value in myself and my voice and began to help others do the same. The community I’ve been able to be a part of has championed me to move forward into purpose and authentic transformative growth. I want you to know this too is possible for you!

Are you seeing cycles in your life you want change? Do you want to step into pursuing what matters to you most and make money doing it? Are you ready to live a life of impact for yourself and the people you are called to influence?
If you answered yes to any of the prior questions or this resonates with you… Then I want to help you get clear, heal, live and thrive. I want to help you discover what truly matters to you most so you can set out on a path that is fulfilling for you and the lives you were meant to influence.

Let’s work on your path towards true impact so you can be the change you want to see in the world!

I offer you a free complimentary 60 minute Discovery Call to unpack your dreams and aspirations and what may be holding you back from achieving all your heart desires.

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With Love,

Jenī – Founder EliDon Wellness | Mindset Coach – Revenue Tribe