Hi! Jeni Thomas, a Leadership Coach

My Why. .

A time not too long ago I was in a cycle of striving and on the hamster wheel of life. You know the cycle of “ having it all” from the outside and still feeling unfulfilled on the inside.

I now know my unfulfillment was due to what was going on inside of me. I was living a life that looked good from the outside but lacked the joy and happiness that comes from our spirit within. I had the life in the big city, the social life, the international traveling trips. These were just some of the perks of this unfulfilling cycle I was calling life and my reality. I found myself looking better on paper and more and more empty on the inside. There was nothing to fuel my fire, I had no clue of what truly mattered most to me.

My Transformation…

Then I was introduced to a mindset coaching program, and never looked back! I began a process of peeling back the layers, the years of living in limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns. I realized for years I was boxing myself in, thinking I could not pursue what mattered most to me. I gained clarity of my limiting beliefs that had been blocking my growth and forward movement. I learned how to replace my old belief system with a life-giving mindset and strategy uniquely tailored for me…

…I found value in myself and my voice and began to help others do the same. I learned the importance of commUnity, how important engaged and impactful leadership is in life and within organizations. I’ve had the privilege and honor to coach leaders in business through the same process I did. I lead them on the path of healing, to become the owners and leaders of the life they desire. My clients gain the skills and mindset to lead others in people-centered leadership, building authentic relationships, creating excitement towards their vision, building significance for each other, through creating environments where collaboration is a pillar to the culture. CommUnity and relationships have and will always be a space I hold to reveal and promote honesty, purpose, authenticity, encouragement, for transformative growth and healing. I welcome you into it, this too is possible for you!

As a Leadership Coach, I help my clients identify the limiting mindsets that hold them back from accomplishing their personal and professional goals. I lead my clients through a structured process that uncovers the root issues that hold them back. They are unleashed to lead with impact and purpose, where they love their life and those they lead.

Are you seeing cycles in your life you want to change?

Do you want to step into pursuing what matters to you most, and lead with greater impact and purpose?

Are you ready to lead with an elevated influence that shifts cultures within your sphere of influence?

If you answered yes to any of the prior questions and this resonates with you… Then let me help you get clear, heal, live and thrive!

I want to help you unlock what truly matters most to you, so you can blaze a path that is purposed for you and the lives you were called to influence!

“You are equipped, destined, but are you willing?”

– Jenī

Let’s work on your path towards true impact so you can be the change you want to see, and bring that change to the world!

I offer you a 60 minute Clarity Purpose Call to unpack your dreams and aspirations and what may be holding you back from achieving all your heart desires.

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With Love,

Jenī – Founder & Leadership Coach | EliDon Wellness