Don’t Count 2020 Out

November 30, 2020
Category: Mind
Author: Jeni

We cannot predict what life will deal us…but we can prepare for it!

Life is coming for us every single day. We have the power to build our weaponry arsenal…. the tools and things we pull from when the battle of life shows up.

About 5 months ago I decided to get very clear about the direction I wanted my life to go in. I had spent many years in a cycle of discontentment with my career and life in general. Don’t get me wrong there were many great things happening throughout these seasons. Like, great travel experiences, great opportunities to lead, tremendous spiritual growth, healing physically and spiritually, edifying relationships, fun and excitement.

While I was excelling in my various roles in Corporate America. The functions of those roles were very unfulfilling. But it is what we do, we go to college, get our degree, and work in the filed in which we studied for or a variation of it. Over the past several months I made the decision to work on the things that mattered to me. This truly has been the best thing I could have every done. I was able to get clear on the things that were limiting me from truly moving forward into my God given purpose. I was able to establish the new possibilities and dreams that I am called to do. I really began to own and change the trajectory of my life. What a powerful decision that has produced even more power outcomes. The story during this season is still unfolding for all us.


  1. Life is not a race. It is always evolving
  2. Your pain can be birthed into purpose
  3. Life is to be enjoyed
  4. Comparison is a killer, that comes to steal how we view our self- worth value and how we love ourselves authentically who we are
  5. The grass is never greener on the other side. We are all dealing with things that are not so pretty and perfect
  6. We are truly all battling with something
  7. Community is essential for forward growth
  8. We are more alike than different
  9. Our limiting beliefs can be shifted into new lifegiving beliefs. You are enough, loved and valued
  10. The mind is a powerful thing, so use it to your advantage

One particular tool that has been my anchor is knowing what triggers me, knowing how to identify it and having the ability to shift into a positive state of being!


What have you learned through this growing time and year we call 2020?

What has triggered you? How have you gotten yourself out of the trigger?

What are some ways you have used your community to move forward? How can you extend community to those that may not have it?

Don’t discount 2020 as the year you write off and forget. This can be the year it all came together for you! It can be the year of abundant blessings, if you allow it to be!

In Love,



  1. Khalela

    I agree! I was reflecting on the month of November yesterday and realized how much I’ve progressed in just 30 days! Lord knows if I had looked back at the entire year, I would of seen exponential growth! Thank you for the encouragement!

    • Jeni

      You’re welcome. That is awesome, so, so good!

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