I am a Mindset Coach. As a Mindset Coach I offer my clients proven methods packaged in a program called Made for This by RevenueTribe. This program helps you identify the stumbling blocks that are holding you back from freely walking in purpose, abundance and pursuing what matters most to you.

I help you identify your limiting beliefs, and cyclical patterns that have been producing bad fruit in your life, and ultimately unfulfilling cycles that keep repeating themselves. Together we pull the bad roots up and out, replacing them with life giving and forward moving patterns and strategies that produce good fruit. These proven methods have allowed my clients to experience purpose filled lives for themselves, their teams, and the overall profitability for them and their businesses. Hence the name, RevenueTribe.

My Promises as Your Coach:

  • 100% Partnership & Support
  • Authenticity
  • Accountability
  • Direction & clarity

My Intentions as Your Coach:

  • Transformative growth & healing
  • Discovering your true identity, value & self-worth
  • Clarity of your purpose & mission
  • Living out your purpose & mission

I’ve been through the program, and I am a walking testimony and byproduct of just how transformative it is!

If you are navigating a season of shifting, growth and transformation and want to gain finite clarity, and laser focus to move forward LET’S TALK!

Let’s work on your path towards true impact so you can be the change you want to see in the world!

I offer you a free complimentary 60 minute Discovery Call to unpack your dreams and aspirations and what may be holding you back from achieving all your heart desires.

To setup your Discovery Call today and for more information about the private or group coaching program email:

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With Love,

Jenī – Founder EliDon Wellness | Mindset Coach – Revenue Tribe