The Road Less Traveled…

June 10, 2020
Category: Spirit
Author: Jeni

The Faith Journey is not given to the swift or nor is it for the faint of heart, (Ecc 9:11). It’s not for those in a hurry to have “attained it all”. It is given to those who can TRUST, ENDURE, and STAND clothed in humility and walk with courage.

The journey is not absent of fear or human mistakes. It is for those who acknowledge the fear, sit with it for a moment (not too long) and move through it, to a path where the creator is the leader of every step, every turn, every fall. The Fall is always accompanied with a resurrection full of redemptive power. It is given to those who stand in their human mistakes with a perspective and posture that is teachable. It’s a path of green pastures, and still waters. It is layered with His peace that surpasses all understanding, (Phil 4:7). It’s a path that is shielded by His presence. It’s a pursuit of deep intimacy, an honest, vulnerable intimacy with our Father. It is a path where we can choose joy that is fulfilling, knowing that it won’t be perfect to the world’s standard; but it will be rewarding, purpose filled with kingdom currency.

I suggest you find some friends to accompany your journey. We are built to commune and do life with others. My understanding is that God works best through others. We collectively are the body. You may be the hand, but don’t you need the arm to help you function? Yes, we need each other. We each poses unique innate qualities that work together for a higher calling, purpose, and goal.

You see, the road less traveled is an honorable journey with a magnificent savor, our navigator, our compass, and our barometer in life. I call him my Lord of Lords, and King of Kings… we were made in his image to be Lords, Kings/ Queens in our God given sphere of influence. He gave us dominion over everything, to subdue everything in the earth. Are we not to take our rightful positions in the earth? Yes, we were made to do just that! Now go take your position with exuberance and delight. It is yours for the taking and yours to poses!

This is how God measures success and how we ought to also… possessing generational impact, with eternal rewards!

The Road Less Traveled… Less Crowded with Long Standing Rewards


  1. Andrea

    I love this. It’s a great reminder for me as I do my morning devotionals and meditations. I felt so much peace when I read this! Thanks Jeni for this platform

    • Jeni

      So glad you got peace from this! I hope you are wondefully edified in your morning devotionals and meditations. xoxo

  2. donald d thomas

    Very uplifting and I would like to learn more to help guide my life during these difficult times.

    • Jeni

      Welcome, there is more to come that should help you navigate this uncertain, yet exciting time for change!

    • Donald Thomas

      Great presentation on who God is and why we should not fear but put our confidence, totally, in him.

  3. MStennis

    Love this first post on the blog!

    • Jeni

      Thank you, welcome!

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